What We Do

We are specialised in rare and pure breed poultry rearer.
We are home to a wide ranging breed of poultry.


We carefully select our birds for breeding.


We regularly hatch chicks via
an incubators or a broody hen.


We are rearing our chicks to be
strong and healthy birds.

About Us

Breck Top Farm is family run farm based in West Yorkshire, Halifax.

As the proud sixth generation of a family steeped in the art of butchery, farming, and specialty food manufacturing, we carry forward a legacy that began with our Great Grandad Frank and his thousands of chickens in the 1930s.

Our roots run deep, and they guide us in everything we do. We believe that we can only take so much from the land, rivers and streams that surround us. We feel that we need to give something back, so the cycle of life remains sustainable.

We are committed to providing poultry lovers with the happiest birds, from day old chicks to point of lay. We also have both hatching and eating eggs, each one a promise of quality and care.

Breeding purebred chickens, it’s our passion. We adhere to the rigorous Poultry Club of Great Britain Standards, striving to produce birds that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our aim is to support our family in as self-sufficient and sustainable manner as possible.

As you explore our website, we invite you to join us on this sustainable journey. Whether you’re a poultry enthusiast, a food lover, or simply curious, know that every purchase supports a vision of balance and stewardship.

Our Birds

A wide range of poultry.
From bantam to large fowl, from amazing layers to ornamental.

Hatch Yourself

Order hatching eggs for pick-up or delivery to your home

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